Every manufacturing process is different, but they have something in common: they can never stop.

Secure process

Manufacturing processes rely on expensive equipment, which must be perfectly configured, adjusted and maintained to operate at maximum efficiency.

In this context, the electricity supply must be as reliable as your equipment. We offer power backup solutions that meet all requirements, whatever your uniqueness.

We have been serving the industry sector for many years, securing power in companies active in the fields of chemical, health, oil & gas, petrochemicals, desalination, water treatment, steel, wood and many others.

Save energy

When everything runs, your electric meter also does. But do you know that there are several ways to save on your energy bill?

Alone or with other companies, you can increase self-consumption of your renewable sources and shave your peak consumption to significantly reduce your energy bill.

Microgrid installation
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Oil & Gas

From oil & gas extraction to delivery, through every process of transformation, every step is crucial.

For this reason, you should not neglect the importance of a secure power supply.

We offer a range of reliable solutions, operating in harsh environments, to secure your critical loads with reduced and easy maintenance.

Solutions for everyone

Our solutions are based on standard modules offering the flexibility to create your own solution:

Our power converters can be integrated in industrial enclosures (up to IP54) and customized to meet with very strict requirements, in new or existing infrastructures.

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