Standalone Inverters

e-one 10 48/230

(No AC In)
Incredibly compact and reliable, e-one 10 goes a step forward in standalone inverters.
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48 Vdc
AC Out
230 Vac
1 kVA 0.8 kW

What's in it for you?

e-one is a stand-alone inverter capable of converting a 48 Vdc power source into a pure sine wave of 230 Vac

The e-one has an incredible compactness as it only occupies 3,300 cm³. The low DC ripple voltage avoids any disturbance on DC loads and batteries.

Moreover, e-one is highly reliable. It is the ideal solution for securing any AC equipment such as for telecommunication and mass transport, among many others.

This product also exists in another version with an additional AC input to increase overall reliability.

Key features

  • Secure small AC loads
  • High reliability
  • No disturbances on DC loads & batteries
  • Compact
  • Easy maintenance

Technical data

In: DC voltage (input range) 48 Vdc (40-60)
Out: AC voltage 230 Vac
Output power 1000 VA / 800 W
Efficiency: DC/AC 91%
Temperature -20 to 65°C
Dimension 1U x 342 mm x 221 mm
Part number T551730211

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