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Installation of Boost2Drive solution

EV chargers • 11.04 2023

Nowadays, the demand for e-mobility services is on the rise, and CE+T Services is ready to cater to this need. We specialize in providing efficient and effective installation and maintenance services to help customers adopt electric vehicles with ease.
Our team of experts at CE+T Services can help answer your questions about e-mobility, such as the availability of charging stations, the impact on energy bills, and the need to increase grid capacity.


Boost2Drive solution installation

At the headquarter of CE+T Power, a solution called Boost2Drive was designed by CE+T Power’s engineers, manufactured by their experiences team and install by our team at CE+T Services.
Boost2Drive is a solution developed by CE+T to maximize the use of local energy while charging electric vehicles. The solution is designed to address the challenges of the growing demand for electricity to charge electric vehicles, such as limited charging stations, increased energy bills, and the need to increase electrical grid capacity. Boost2Drive uses a combination of power converters, batteries, monitoring systems, and solar panels to optimize energy usage and reduce costs.

Role of CE+T Services

At CE+T Services, we installed 5 Bluecorner EV chargers, each capable of charging up to 10 vehicles at 11 kW. Additionally, we took care of the installation and cabling of the main elements of the solution : the Hercules power converters system, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries to store energy and solar panels equipped with Sunspec-compliant solar inverters.

In conclusion, CE+T Services is committed to providing efficient and effective installation and maintenance services that make e-mobility accessible to everyone. Boost2Drive solution is an excellent example of how we can help maximize the use of local energy, support the grid, and reduce energy bills. Our team of experts is always ready to help you adopt e-mobility with ease.

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