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Backup power for a hospital in Belgium

Medical • 11.04 2023

CE+T Services - Case Study - Citadelle Liège

Uninterruptable power, a necessity in hospitals

A power outage in a hospital can literally cause deaths of people, as hospitals cannot operate without electricity. This is why most of hospitals, such as our customer in Liège, have generators to supply their critical equipment if the main utility power fails. In this situation, the time to switch from the grid to the genset is critical. Sometimes, an interruption of even few seconds is enough to put patients in danger. Therefore, it is necessary to have a smooth transition.

CE+T Power’s solution

Our customer needed a power backup solution for two types of critical equipment: the IT server and the respirators. Two distinct spaces are dedicated to the backup systems of these applications in the basements of the hospital.

CE+T Power, our sister company provided two systems of modular UPS and batteries. For the server, 200 kW of Agile were installed. For the respirators, the system is more recent and is made of 200 kW of modular UPS Flexa.

0ms transfer time

Our customer chose the modular UPS because of the real no-break they provide. Indeed, it takes around 12 seconds to switch from the grid to the genset in case of power outage. Our system enables to avoid the interruption as they switch from grid to the batterie in 0ms, giving enough time to the genset to start. When the genset is ready, the primary power source changes from batteries to the genset.

When the connection to the network is re-established, it is recommended to wait 5 minutes to make sure that it will not disappear again. During this time, the batteries will take over from the generator to power critical equipment.

High reliability and availability

Our solutions are built with N+1 redundancy: if system A fails, we have system B there to take over. It’s another guarantee that you will never be out of power! Moreover, if a module fails, the others are still working and share the total output needed between the remaining modules. As our modules are hot-swappable, the faulty module is easy to replace: remove the module which is not working and put back a new one while the system is still operating.

Maintenance by CE+T Services

CE+T Services offers a wide range of services including site diagnostic & analysis, commissioning, installation, maintenance and repair in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

For this hospital in Liège, CE+T Services is taking care of the maintenance of both modular UPS and batteries. Every year, a technician goes on-site and performs some tests on power converters and batteries.

He also takes care of the maintenance of G.A.I. cabinets made of rectifiers and batteries as CE+T Services has taken over the G.A.I business few years ago. The intervention enables a greater availability of the equipment.

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