Modular Inverters

TSI Media 48/120

Modular inverter with an extra AC input to increase the efficiency for loads from 1.5 kVA.
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120 Vac
48 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vac
1.5 kVA 1.2 kW
Up to
48 kVA 38.4 kW

What's in it for you?

Media is a modular inverter converting 48 Vdc power source into a pure 120 Vac sine wave. By using several modules, we can offer solutions for two-phase (2x120Vac + N) or three-phase (3x208Vac + N) infrastructures.

The extra AC input ensures a high overall efficiency (up to 94%) which results in a reduction of energy loss and heat dissipation.

Low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and hot swappable, this module is designed to provide you a reliable AC backup solution and meet your needs from 1.5 kVA up to 48 kVA.

The low ripple voltage avoids any disturbances on DC loads and batteries.

Key Features

  • Extra AC input for increased efficiency
  • For loads from 1.5 kVA
  • Compact design
  • No disturbances on DC loads & batteries

Technical Data

In: DC voltage (input range) 48 Vdc (40 – 60)
In/Out: AC voltage (input range)

120 Vac (100 – 138)

Output power

1.5 kVA / 1.2 kW

Efficiency: DC/AC


Efficiency: AC/AC



-20 to 65° C

Dimension 2U x 103 mm x 267 mm
Part number T331330201

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